Bogusky Blends In

Crispin Porter + Bogusky’s new Boulder, Colorado office is bandwidth-rich, to put it mildly. In the middle of a long article about the agency’s move to Mork and Mindy’s hood, Adweek reveals how the two offices plan to use technology to stay in touch.

Off to the side of the lobby, parked outside a corner office, a double-screen monitor projects the party under way. With a camera mounted on top, the unit serves to keep the agency’s two offices connected 24/7 via a private high-speed 55 megabits-per-second fractional OC3 link that can scale up to 155 megabits-per-second (the equivalent of 100 T1s) as the traffic grows. The agency will project the onscreen images life size onto one lobby wall, where staffers can meet their Miami counterparts. Two other walls will hold collapsible bleachers. “We built a town square,” says chairman Chuck Porter, animatedly describing how the technology will easily provide two-way communication between the locales and allow for the random hallway run-ins that help people feel connected and often turn into productive conversations. “I want this to feel like the second or third floor of the same building,” says Porter.

The article also reveals the Gunpark Drive location of the new office. I’m sure finding enough space on, or near, Pearl Street Mall was more than a bit challenging. Oh, Alex Bogusky is riding his bike to work now. I can’t leave that out.



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