“Bloatosphere” Enters The Blogger Lexicon

I like it when people coin new terms, especially if the terms are fun to say. Vaspers The Grate has recently managed this with the term “bloatosphere”. Given that the word “blogosphere” is cumbersome and self-important, I think Mr. Grate has given us a marked improvement.

The blogsophere is becoming bloated with anti-blogs.
This bloated, burdensome, obese blogosphere I refer to as the “bloatosphere”.
Let’s consider the various components that make up the “bloatosphere”.
“bloatosphere” = the realm of blogs that is becoming bloated or fattened by the rapid accumulation of anti-blogs: broadcast blogs, pseudo-blogs, simulated blogs, drivel blogs, sleazy link blogs, fictional persona blogs, and link farm blogs.

Of course, Mr. Grate’s intent is not to replace the term “blogoshpere” with “bloatosphere”. But I think it works, if one is inclined to lump the entire blogosphere into the newly coined bloatosphere.



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