Big Ink Faces Big Blowback

If you own a photo or other type of inkjet printer, then you know that it’s a lot like the Gillette razor and blade business model — you can get a printer for practically nothing but the ink is crazy expensive.
Kodak is turning that upside down — and going head on against HP and Canon with People Against Big Ink.
The site taps into customer frustrations by mixing user reviews, news articles, and other content, like this video of a solider in Iraq who got more than a little frustrated with HP’s lack of customer service.
We’ve always had brand comparison advertising–you know, all-temperature Cheer versus the leading brand type of stuff, or the Mac/PC campaign, but this goes a step further. This time, People Against Big Ink is using real world sources and real customer frustration to help make its case.
Full disclosure: My agency Partners + Napier created this site, though I was not involved in this project.



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