Better Business Starts Here

Better Business Bureau is a 95-year-old nonprofit organization. It’s brand image is entrenched; yet, the BBB will challenge consumers to wake up to its full identity with a $700,000 rebranding campaign that launches this week.
Its rebranding campaign — including a new Web site, logo, book series and commercials during shows such as “CSI” and “Grey’s Anatomy” — drives the point home with its slogan: Start with trust.
Many people know they can register a complaint with the BBB, but few realize that their local BBB office will arbitrate disputes with car dealerships through the BBB Auto Line. Few know that the BBB checks the licenses and certifications of accredited members each year to make sure they are current.
The idea BBB hopes to convey is “start” your reference checks with them, so there will be little need for a complaint later.
[via Belleville News-Democrat]



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