Hogshead On The Lost Art Of The Big Idea

Sally Hogshead wants creatives to remember their true (i.e., traditional) value: as people who come up with great ideas based on insights into brands and human nature. It’s easy to forget the importance of a really kick ass “concept” these days when many agencies–even a fair amount of hotshot digital shops–are simply struggling to keep […]

Facebook For Meathead and Archie

Restless, attention-deficient teenagers and 20-somethings may not be the most lucrative prospects for marketers investing in social networking. According to the New York Times, the smart money is flowing into new social networking sites aimed at a much more loyal, “sticky” audience: baby boomers and their elders. So while the kids flit from Friendster to […]

Non Sequiturvertising

From the blue collar, no nonsense streets of Cincinnati’s West Side.

The Perils of Contextual Advertising

Why Is Grey Goose Expensive?

Not because it tastes good, according to a study sponsored by the award-winning ABC News team. In a blind taste test, conducted by Eben Klemm (the director of something called “cocktail development” for B.R. Guest, a chain of upscale restaurants), 5 of 6 testers reported that they “hated” vodka # 1. When they found out […]

Who’s Watching Your Spots?

Kids and babies. CNET via MarketingVox: Around 90% of American kids under 2 and 40% of babies under 3 months are regular TV watchers, according to a recent pediatric study [conducted by the University of Washington]. Idiocracy, here we come.

Publicis Wins Soup-To-Nuts On Oral-B

French holding company Publicis will handle all marketing for P&G’s Oral-B line of dental care products–everything from advertising to package design and public relations. All said, it’s a $65 million win over incumbent Omnicom. P&G calls this consolidation a “new way to work with agencies.” According toBrandweek: “Implementing an agency model that moves us from […]

P&G Is Not Affiliated With Satan

Anyone who owns P&G stock knows that the company would never split profits with anyone, least of all Satan. But for those who still entertain doubts, be advised: P&G just won $19.25 million in a decade-long civil suit against four former Amway distributors accused of spreading rumors that the company was affiliated with the Church […]