Facebook For Meathead and Archie

Restless, attention-deficient teenagers and 20-somethings may not be the most lucrative prospects for marketers investing in social networking. According to the New York Times, the smart money is flowing into new social networking sites aimed at a much more loyal, “sticky” audience: baby boomers and their elders. So while the kids flit from Friendster to MySpace to Facebook, the hope is that silverbacks and grayhairs will find a community they like and trust and stay there. New sites such as Eons and Boomertown are designed to appeal to tribal elders.

“I’ve discussed my divorce, my medical issues, and when do I dare go dating again,” said Martha Starks, 52, a retired optician in Tucson, who spends an hour or two each evening on a site called Eons. “I sure wouldn’t discuss that stuff with a 20-year-old.”
She says she talks about lighter things, too, like movies and music, with an audience that gets what she is saying.
“They don’t even know who Aretha is — she’s the queen of soul!” she said.



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