Aussies Know Proper Way To Open Beer

Johnnie Moore spoke to Liam Mulhall, a co-founder of Blowfly Beer, via Skype last night. Today he makes the conversation available as a podcast.
Here’s a quick look at the brewer’s rather unique pitch.

It’s an Open Source beer company. You drink it, you own it! We’re about making sexy premium beer. You decide what we do and how we do it. No crap, no fancy bullshit about ‘imported hops’, ‘first crop barley’ or sweaty blokes hard at it in the coal mines. It’s beer. You get drunk, fall over, start a fight and mozy on out of town.
Well, (here’s the serious bit) everytime you buy a carton of our beers online you receive a right to a share in the company. It’s about Owning the Beer You Drink. You can buy our classic Blowfly beer or customise your own brand or label! No other brewery has ever attempted this. (And yes, no other brewery is run by lunatics of our calibre either…we even show you the profit we make!)



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