Approaching GoMeat Ahead

The inspiration for lyrical poetry can come from the strangest of places. Thanks to Hillshire Farms, we can now add sliced meats to the list.

It’s not everyday that we see copy like this, so let’s examine the script line by line:

    Approaching GoMeat ahead
    Special request
    Cracked pepper turkey breast
    mmm looks glam
    She’ll have brown sugar baked ham
    Oh my
    Oh me
    That lunch meats bourgeoisie
    First class
    They roast the turkey with the honey
    Then slice its up its money
    Rotisserie stacked high
    Makes the sandwich go bye bye
    Bye bye
    Bang bang choo choo train, eat lunch meat on the aeroplane
    When I say Hillshire you say Farm
    Go Meat!

Adfreak’s David Gianatasio says, “the spot’s so earnestly silly, it’s addictive.”
It does remind one of a Dr. Seuss bit, does it not?



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