AOL Finally Breaks Free

The New York Times: Curtains, a large blue pair to be exact, are the images being used in an estimated $50 million campaign to promote as a free Web portal. The campaign, in online and offline versions, depicts computer users parting the curtains to reveal a bright white light on the other side.
“The new,” the ads proclaim. “Now open to everyone.”
The campaign has been in development for months, ever since AOL’s parent, Time Warner, decided to shift strategies (again) and offer at no cost much of the content and features that had been available only to subscribers of America Online. The reason is that despite all the elaborate previous changes to the subscription service, paying users continue to flee.
Still, Web sites that are part of AOL, which include Moviefone, Mapquest and Netscape, remain popular destinations with computer users. Their continued appeal is the reason behind the recent talks between Time Warner and other major media companies regarding potential investments in America Online.

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