And The Winner Is…

Last month Adweek held an online poll where you could rate certain agencies in certain categories.
I can’t find an online link to the full report, but I’ve seen it in print. Here are some of the top category vote getters:
Most Competitive: Crispin Porter & Bogusky
Most Complacent: Grey
Most Overrated: Deutsch
Most Underrated: GSD&M
Most Like a Playground: Crispin
Most Like a Sweatshop: Grey (ironically, Crispin came in second here)
Most Likely to Languish: Young & Rubicam
Most Like to Disappear: Lowe
Best at Consumer Insight: Goodby
Best at Branded Entertainment: Fallon
Best Run Holding Company: Omnicom
In all fairness, the winning margins weren’t overwheming, but it’s interesting to see how people respond. The quick take from all of the polls: Crispin’s great, Grey & Y&R suck, Goodby’s still pretty good.
Sounds like high school all over again. The popular kids end up in the yearbook most often.



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