An Inauspicious Start For Fallon and Chrysler

Fallon won the Chrysler account one month ago and is already on the air with its first commercial for the troubled American automaker.

The new corporate campaign, “Coming Home,” was created in response to requests from Chrysler Group dealers and research conducted that found consumers do not realize that Chrysler Group has emerged from bankruptcy and is now a different company with a new alliance partner and a healthy product plan.
In other words, the spot wasn’t created in the hearts and minds of Fallon’s best people. Maybe that will come later in the year, maybe it won’t. In the meantime, consumers have yet another hollow Apple Pie narrative to interrupt their football viewing.
Olivier Francois, Head of Marketing for Chrysler Group says, “We want current and future customers, suppliers and partners to know that we are here and we are committed to earning their trust and restoring our reputation.” That’s good! Then get out of the way and let Fallon go to work for you.



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