American Express Loses Its Mojo

In The New York Times:

The American Express Company said yesterday that it would make changes to a campaign about Andy Roddick losing and finding his “mojo” after his first-round defeat at the United States Open tennis tournament.

George Parker over at AdScam doesn’t mince words about the whole thing:

Having invested several gazillion dollars in a TV campaign featuring Roddick “Looking for his Mojo,” you know first thing Wednesday morning the phones were glowing at O&M (AmEx’s ad agency) and PMK/HBH (their PR agency) with AmEx marketing flakes trying to save their scrawny necks by getting out of all the TV and print buys.

This reminds me of the whole “Dan vs. Dave: Who’s the world’s best athlete?” campaign for Reebok back in 1992, and after months of hype, one of them ended up not qualifying for the Olympics.
Plan B. Don’t Leave Home Without It.



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