Airport Bathroom Ads Are About To Take Off

Unless you’re former Senator Larry Craig, airport bathrooms are a place you want to get into and out of fast. Real fast. And avoid distractions.

But some advertisers think there’s an opportunity there. USA Today has more on what’s coming to the bathrooms of Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport:

The 40-inch digital-display screens will be placed in mirrors above lavatory sinks, outfitted with the capability to show both video advertising as well as still images.

But the ads are unusually dynamic.

They remain full size when customers stand at a distance, but — as the customer approaches the sink — the ad will gradually shrink in size until it appears only in a corner of the mirror.

The technology sounds cool. The location does not. Still, I’d love to see the research deck that talked about this opportunity and this market potential. I bet it’s highly entertaining.



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