Air Leaking From Vonage Tires

According to Wired, a federal judge today will decide whether to give Vonage an extra 120 days to appeal his ruling that the internet phone provider be barred from operating after a jury decided it had infringed on several Verizon patents. The ban would prevent Vonage from using technology to connect its online customers to the internet and would effectively put the company out of business.
The Washington Post says Vonage has never made a profit. Despite that and the legal migraine they’re suffering through, Vongae executives claim that predictions of their company’s demise are “greatly exaggerated.” They said they were developing a “work-around” technique if the company could no longer use the disputed technology.
The costs of Vonage’s court battle, including the $58 million in damages already awarded by the jury, the bond and interest payments demanded by Verizon as well as attorneys fees, are also taking a toll on the financially troubled company.

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