Advertising-Supported Restaurant Is A Hoax. For Now.

There are a few “reviews” of The Butter Trough on restaurant-finder websites, and there was a help-wanted ad on Craigslist, but alas, there is no such place.
Not yet, at least. From its website:

The Butter Trough is the world’s FIRST 100% advertisement supported restaraunt.
Come down to our Atlanta Facility to enjoy food and fun with friends and family all for free. We are able to bring this great value to YOU, the consumer, through the use of directed advertisements from corporate sponsors. This means that while you are enjoying your bread, butter, and tea you will softly hear advertisements playing in the background via the tabletop speakers, multipatron television sets, and the butter trough multimedia displays scattered throughout the establishment.
Come down five times a day, or just once in your life – we guarantee you an experience that you will never forget. From the free food, to the bi-hourly butter “slopping” by Farmer Bob, or the kids butter-skimming contests there is something for everyone at The Butter Trough.

Not that we’ll see an all bread-and-butter restaurant, but someone, someday, will figure out a way to get advertisers to foot the bill for an eatery like this.



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