Adbloglandia In 60 Seconds

Let’s look at ad blogs ourselves for a moment. Shall we?
Steve Hall tells Shedwa that the work ad bloggers do is important.

We have a huge impact. Ad Age reads us (by us, I mean all ad blogs) because they don’t want to miss anything. In one sense, we do a lot of early reporting for them. Uncover new trends, stories, scoops which then sometimes find their way onto the pages of Ad Age. I’m not saying we’re a replacement but a welcome addition that fleshes out what’s going on in the industry.

Ariel Waldman examines her motivations for blogging:

1. Because I read 200-600 blogs a day on average already for work
2. I now have an excuse for shit-talking (“Blogging is all about transparency, and you’re just transparently an asshole”)
3. You can only read so many Scoble blogging-blunders until you completely lose it
4. It’s like I’m the only girl at a comic book convention
5. I needed another reason to make my coworkers give me weird looks

Lastly, Adjab (a Weblogs Inc. site) calls it quits.

It’s important to point out that a blog retirement is not a blog failure. Here at Weblogs, Inc. we are continually honing our network to be the best content engine for readers and bloggers both. In part, that means figuring out how to divide our resources that, sadly, are not infinite.

p.s. Steve Hall says Ariel gets invited to participate in memes because she looks good in pictures. Jetpacks comes to her defense with, “Steve is wrong. I tagged you not only because you’re the slow kid on the playground, but you are the slow kid who can write.” Amen, Jetpacks.

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