Absinthe Isn’t Absent In Adland Anymore

The history of absinthe is quite an interesting and controversial one, and the drink only became legal again to import in the US in 2007–it had been banned since 1912.
This week, as MediaPost reports, Lucid absinthe is making a splash in LA with a number of outdoor executions.

Said Jared Gurfein, President and CEO in a statement, “Since the beginning, absinthe has always had a strong connection to the arts. The goal of this campaign is for Lucid to show the local Los Angeles community – and the spirits industry – that absinthe is successfully growing in America and has earned its place in both the artistic and gastronomic landscape.”

Right now, absinthe is still a bit of an underground sensation. Let’s see if the bright lights and celebrity influence of its presence in La-La-Land will push the mysterious drink into the mainstream. Or would a word-of-mouth effort do more to establish some credibility among drinkers in the know?



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