ABC Wants Cat Put Back In Box

According to c|net, Mike Shaw, ABC president of advertising sales, is so hungry for days gone by, he’s willing to make idioctic utterances to journalists eager for just that type of thing.

“I would love it if the MSOs (multi-system operators), during the deployment of the new DVRs they’re putting out there, would disable the fast-forward (button),” he said in an interview Wednesday.
Whether he gets his wish remains to be seen, but ABC’s ad sales chief sounds pretty convinced that consumers will go along quietly. “I’m not so sure that the whole issue really is one of commercial avoidance. It really is a matter of convenience–so you don’t miss your favorite show…People can understand in order to have convenience and on-demand (options), that you can’t skip commercials.”

People can understand? Here’s a better one…Televisions execs can understand they’re not in control—the consumer is. Fight this fundemental law of markets and go down humiliated and beaten. Or embrace what is and give yourself (and your company) a fighting chance.



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