A Weak Pun And Reality TV-like Ads Fail To Persuade

Red Lobster and it’s agency, Grey/New York, wants you to see its food differently.

The new “Sea food differently,” platform is meant to “force reappraisal” of Red Lobster among potential customers, said Tor Myhren, president and chief creative officer at Grey New York.

Because some consumers had developed “a sense” that Red Lobster “was becoming less authentic,” he added, the campaign is intended to “prove that authenticity by showing the real people, the real places, with real dialogue that is not scripted.”

Hold on, why describe something that is clearly scripted, “not scripted”? There’s no need.

Also, I struggle to understand why anyone would go to Red Lobster because a “real” grill master is on the job, or because it’s awesome in Alaska. No, people go to Red Lobster for one reason — affordable luxury in the form of freshly flown-in lobster or crab legs.



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