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JWT Says Iceland And Soft Natural Hair Are “In”

This is pretty good. On PRNewswire, you can see the list of 70 things JWT trendspotters say are “in” for 2007. “Trends are illustrated by the products and services that exemplify them,” says leading trendspotter Marian Salzman, EVP, chief marketing officer of JWT Worldwide and co-author of the new book Next Now (Palgrave Macmillan), a […]

Groupmind Less Than Or Equal To Individual Expression

Even though the Sunday Times arrives in my driveway early each Sunday morning, I don’t always make it to the juiciest parts. So I have Three Minds to thank for pointing out this recent NYT Magazine article on Digital Maoism. Karl Marx famously predicted that industrial capitalism’s individualist ethos would engender its opposite: a new […]

Adgirl Becomes Adwoman Right Before VML’s Eyes

Ariel Waldman is the Digital Insights Analyst for VML in Kansas City. Unlike me, Waldman knew early on on what she wanted to do for work. I technically started coming into the agency I’m at now (VML) after being given a tour when I was 14 because I was deadset on being a graphic designer. […]

Edelman And Microsoft Take It Back

Yesterday, we drew your attention to Microsoft’s ploy to influence the bloatosphere with fancy Ferrari laptops running Vista. According to one recipient, Marshall Kirkpatrick, Microsoft’s PR flacks want the machines back or to be given away. Here’s the email Marshall received from Aaron at Edelman: Marshall, No good deed goes unpunished, right? You may have […]

Doing Wieden’s Work For Them

30gms, the design blog from London design practice Fibre, looks at the work of Insa, a London graffiti artist.

The NYT’s Ad Crystal Ball Is A Bit Cloudy

Writing in The New York Times, Louise Story takes a stab at what’s ahead for advertising: Not surprisingly, many agencies are focusing on how the digital world will continue nudging the offline world in new directions, and consumer-generated content is in the forefront of everyone’s mind. But ad executives also say they think companies should […]

Pyramids Inverted

The Wall Street Journal chimes on the shifting dynamics underway in the agency world. Facing unprecedented upheaval in the advertising and media industries, big ad holding companies and their agency units are rethinking how they’re organized. Under pressure from marketers, agencies are starting to restructure operations by aligning their creative sides with less glamorous parts […]

Compose On A SideKick?

Marshall Sponder writing on Smart Mobs looks forward to the day when he can create content on the fly. I’m not alone in thinking the Ultra Mobile Computers will become the dominant device (and maybe have a phone built into it too) in a year or two. It’s one thing to be able to read […]