Spotlight on NW Creative: adidas Is OG (a.k.a. Original)

adidas America is a Portland player. As such, they’ve hooked up with Stumptown’s Kamp Grizzly, the “creative collective” founded by Daniel Portrait in 2005, in an effort to help promote their Originals line.

Kamp Grizzly consists of a core group of nine full-time employees including directors, motion graphics artists, 3D & VFX artists, designers, and editors.

The TV spot features rappers Snoop Dogg, Big Sean and Mike G and Domo Genesis of Odd Future, pop starlet Sky Ferreira, basketball player Dwight Howard, and fashion icon Jeremy Scott.

The spot began airing Wednesday.

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  1. Phil Knight, proofreader says:

    FYI, although everyone – including Google – makes the same mistake, adidas should not be initial capped.