Self-Promo Ad Bypasses Quirky, Arrives at Haywire

Tribal DDB bought a full page ad in the May issue of Creativity. It’s a long copy ad full of dense prose that leads nowhere. Which, given the clincher, is clearly the point: Nobody Forwards Print
Oddly, this message comes inside the new Creativity, a magazine that has upgraded it’s packaging considerably with this latest issue. Stranger yet that Tribal DDB would leave this clue in the text:
Said clue leads to the video embedded above. Which in turn leads to Size Monkey, a site I know nothing about.
So, where are we? Creativity has a new look and feel. Tribal DDB used the occasion of the redesign to lampoon the print medium and long copy ads. I think. Perhaps there’s something else happening here, something I’m too dense to get.

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  1. To know the Monkey is to Love the Monkey young grasshopper.
    The only part that you have not yet figured out is that SizeMonkey uses mind control to bring users to its strange and seemingly random site. Once there, we plant global domination dreams and delusions of grandeur into said users mind. Our hope is to one day rule a small Latin American country.
    You have aided us in our endeavors….. proof mind control works.
    Michael, King of the Monkies