Interesting Interactive

I renewed my subscription to Communication Arts recently and the Interactive Annual 11 arrived today. I’m struck by how far this media environment has come in such short time.
Aiwa’s winning entry
There are 38 winners in five categories–advertising, business, entertainment, information design and self-promo. Maybe blogs could be added to the list for next year.

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  1. Good idea.

  2. I completely agree, the work in the interactive space keeps getting richer, more immersive and more experiential.
    And having judged it both at Cannes last year and OneShow interactive this year, I think the AIWA World piece in particular serves as a great example of how much actual “amazement” the online space can deliver whilst still engaging it’s audience to lean forward and interact – it’s the un-television and fantastic use of the medium.
    (full-disclosure: it was also my “Judges Choice” at OSI)