Yet Another Facebook Story: Nauseating Smarminess

Marshall Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb is saying what many of us are thinking about Facebook these days.

…Ownership of content, not the lack of input on policy, was what people were upset about.
Facebook appears to forget that it’s just one of many ways people use the internet. It’s wildly popular today, but just as people have used other social networks in the past – they have other options for social networks to use in the future. It reminded us of the obnoxious post Zuckerberg put up announcing the Facebook Connect service, instructing users who visited other sites without Facebook Connect to contact those sites and “tell them you want to Connect.” We grumbled under our breath at the time that connecting is a fundamental part of the human experience and not a Facebook specific word. The smarminess was nauseating.

I love that last bit, “The smarminess was nauseating.” I’ve already taken my FB account down once. I don’t see why the second time can’t be the charm.



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