Yet Another Facebook Story: Smells Like Money

Quick, what’s a “Friend Feed?”
That’s easy, a “Friend Feed” is the digital space where you see what’s up with your community of contacts that use social media. It’s like a stock ticker, but you monitor your friends, instead of companies.
Twitter and Facebook both offer this functionality. In Facebook’s case, they went out and scooped up Sheryl Sandberg from The Google to help them make money. By exploiting their “Friend Feed” function.
According to Ad Age, Sandberg spoke in San Francisco yesterday and said, “The monetization question on the web is a very big and open one.”
Yes ma’am, it is. But oh, if a brand could find it’s way into a trusted place, a circle of friends perhaps, that would be golden.

Google and its competitors have made answering demands for information very profitable by selling ads attached to search requests, or demand fulfillment, Ms. Sandberg a former Google executive herself, noted. “What no one’s figured out how to do is demand generation,” she said.

It might be fun to figure out something like “demand generation.” Don’t you think?



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