Yet Another Facebook Story: Get Thee To An Ikea

USA Today, like many others in the tech press, wonder what Zuck is going to do next.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, asked at the D Conference if he would sell Facebook to Microsoft for $15 billion, said no. “The end goal for us isn’t to sell the company or an IPO. The way we evaluate (offers) is how are they going to help us along the way,” he said.
Maybe Google is one of those companies who can help. “We talk all the time,” Zuckerberg says. “The last time I talked to (Google co-founder) Larry (Page) and (CEO) Eric (Schmidt) at the same time they came over to my apartment.” But Zuckerberg said he’s not a fully-equipped host. “I have a mattress on the floor and this little table in the corner with two seats…Eric came and he had to sit on the floor.”

Only in Silicon Valley…



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