World Cup Broadcaster Sicks Barristers On Boing Boing

Boing Boing received an obtuse threat from a law firm in London.

The letter states that Baker & McKenzie’s client, Infront Sports & Media, “anticipates the possibility of unauthorized streaming and downloading of FIFA World Cup matches.” The letter goes on to warn Boing Boing that Baker & McKenzie will be “actively monitoring your website … to identify unlawful activity and will, if necessary, take appropriate action to ensure the protection of Infront’s rights of those licenses.”
I don’t even know what the FIFA World Cup is. I’m guessing it’s soccer, which I hate just as much as any other pro sport. Every editor at Boing Boing detests professional sports, and we would sooner stream a video of a crumpled up paper napkin in the corner of a room than show some jackasses running after a ball.

While the “we could give a crap about soccer defense” is right on, there’s a much bigger issue at hand here. Yes, copyright law. I understand a firm wanting to protect their broadcast assets, but I do not understand making a public nuisance of yourself in attempt to do so.



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