Want To Make It Big In Mobile Advertising? How’s Your Geo-Social Relevance?

Om Malik likes to interface with the Facebook platform via mobile device. He also believes that mobile syncing of one’s key data points with location-based service offerings (advertising) is gonna be big.

I recently pointed out that “as we transition to an increasingly mobile world, the location beacon takes the role of the TCP, and most mobile services (and applications) find their context from this location beacon.” In this brave new world, the browser-centric method of “search, find and consume” is quaint at best. These superphones, driven by location beacon and live Internet connections, need to be able to display relevant data with a lot of serendipity. Google is hoping to achieve that by marrying location-based services and local data using a map as an interface.
Compare that to Facebook’s mobile efforts, which could pivot around your real social graph (a fancy way of saying your address book). By merging the social network with your phone’s address book, Facebook integrates the mobile with the Web seamlessly to provide a mobile experience with a higher degree of social relevance.

Om goes on to suggest GoodRec is a “clue to the future.” You can get “the clue” for free at the iTunes store.



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