Why Blogs Are Like Power Tools

Ego is the biggest reason that corporate blogging may be an oxymoron. Working for the man often means subsuming your ego to that of the organization, and blogging makes that difficult. It’s one reason that there have been high profile firings of corporate bloggers at places like Google. It’s hard to have two voices (the writer’s and the shareholders’) competing and often conflicting.” –Seth Godin

While the exploration of ego and the blog is happening over at Seth’s place, Robert Patterson is examining the recent case of Los Alamos National Labratory employees outing their dictatorial chief executive via a blog.

Much of the issue about blogging and the corporation will revolve around the culture. No one will be able to control blogging now. The issue for leaders is will they behave in a way that is socially acceptable. The same is true for marketing. The issue will be how good is your product or your service. Blogging will expose lies in marketing as it will expose an authoritarian culture. –Robert Patterson

These two explorations make for an interesting juxtaposition. No?



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