Who The Hell Are The “World Federation Of Advertisers”?

I’ve been reading Adweek regularly for 13 years now and I’ve never, ever heard of these people.
Apprarently though, they’re out there working for us. From Adweek:

The WFA’s measures include: boosting consumer awareness about the self-regulatory system; speeding and simplifying the complaint process and the removal of advertisements that breach the codes; setting up a transparent adjudication process; and involving non-industry figures in the self-regulatory process to raise outward credibility and trust in the system.
The WFA encompasses 55 national advertiser associations, bringing more than 10,000 businesses under one umbrella. It has also brought together other industry groups, including the International Chamber of Commerce and the European Advertising Standards Alliance to help improve regulation in such emerging markets such as Eastern Europe and China, where there are few rules on what advertisers can say.

Good luck with all that. Hopefully they’re not using the UN as a model of international efficiency and cooperation.



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