Where To Advertise Online? Google Knows.

The Wall Street Journal spoke to some spooked ad execs about Google’s new metrics offering.

“For an advertiser, the last thing you want to do is to have your adviser be the same person you are spending your money with,” says Sarah Fay, chief executive of Aegis North America, the media-buying giant owned by Aegis Group of the U.K.

Billions of marketing dollars a year trade hands based at least in part on Web-audience figures. Google’s new tool could bring more efficiency to the process of buying online ads. And their service–unlike comScore’s and Nielsen’s–is free.
Considering Google’s technical acumen, if such an announcement comes on Tuesday, competitors could be in for an unpleasant time, says David A. Utter of WebProNews.
In other Google news, federal lawmakers are scrutinizing the new Yahoo-Google ad deal, spurred on by marketers upset at the lack of competition in the online advertising marketplace.



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