When Users Complain, The “User Experience” Needs Work (Or Does It?)

According to NBC Washington, angry Facebook users are complaining that new features the company rolled out today are undermining what they actually want to see on their feeds, while others are saying the new settings are simply difficult to understand.

Users can no longer decide whether to click Most Recent or Top News on their feeds; instead, Facebook is determining what items a user would most want to see, and is automatically including those at the top of the person’s feeds.

What makes a Top Story is determined by your relationship to the person who posted the update and the past interaction between the two, as well as the popularity of the update and whether it was posted since the last time you logged in, according to The Denver Post.

Personally, I don’t care what Facebook does. It’s a free service, and one we can quit using at any time.

Having said that, a lot of people in the advertising business, myself included, are now managing brand Pages on Facebook (which we can’t just walk away from). Given that these updates are simply handed down from on high, with little or no advance warning, I can see where Page admins might be left holding the bag if they don’t stay up to the minute.



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