What’s The Big Deal?

The following ad is too overtly sexual to appear on network television. Which, of course, is exactly what helps lead to a viral hit online.

At this time, the commercial has been viewed 2,577,747 times on YouTube.
According to Palm Beach Post, ABC deemed the ad too racy for viewers of Dancing with the Stars, and Fox demanded several re-edits before finally airing the commercial during the closing minutes of American Idol last week.
Which would’ve been fine, one of the creators of the Lane Bryant ad said, except for the double standard. The double standard issue is alive because Victoria’s Secret had no problem getting their ad on the air during these shows.
“When you say cleavage is OK for a Victoria’s Secret model but not a Lane Bryant model, then it’s not a standards issue, it’s a discrimination issue,” said Michael Goldberg, chief marketing officer of Fort Lauderdale’s Zimmerman Advertising. “The amount of skin relative to the garment is the same on both commercials. It’s just you have a bigger woman.”
The typical lingerie model is a size 0 or 2, but the average American woman wears a size 14. Lane Bryant model Ashley Graham is a size 16.
[via American Copywriter]



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