[UPDATE] Yet Another Facebook Story: The Melting Pot Stirs Things Up

Yesterday, I mentioned that I made a perfect pair on Facebook with the help of The Melting Pot’s new FB app, but that I didn’t get any kind of confirmation.
A representative from Push in Orlando–the agency that developed the work–has been kind enough to step forward and describe how the promotion works.
“Once you select two friends as a match, they each get a notification that you think they are a perfect pair with someone. However, the only way they can find out who you think they are a match with is to take the test (which they are sent to through the notification). You would not get notification of that on your personal page, and it would not show up on their news feeds either since the idea is to keep the matches a secret so they take the test.
In regards to the free fondue, once both your friends you have matched have taken the test, all of you receive a link to a print out coupon.”



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