Tweet-a-Beer: This Year’s Breakout Hit @SXSWi

SouthyBy starts today, and already the Tweeting is on the wall.

Like Twitter and Foursquare, in 2006 and 2009 respectively, Tweet-a-Beer is about to capture the attention of SXSW Interactive Conference attendees, and vault from sketch-on-a-napkin status to full on nerd culture hit.

By the way, the Portland-based makers of this new app owe me a beer for that lead, but I digress…

Brewed and bottled by tenfour and Waggener Edstrom, “Tweet-a-Beer connects your Twitter and PayPal accounts together to ensure that distance, agoraphobia, and gang rivalries no longer prevent you from sharing a pint.”

Of course, it’s not really beer that’s flowing in these ‘tubes. It’s money to buy beer. When you Tweet someone a beer, you’re actually sending them five dollars toward the purchase of a tasty microbrew (or a few PBRs).

Here is what you need to send beer money: a Twitter account, the Twitter @handle of the person you want to tweet-a-beer to and a PayPal account. It’s that easy.

tenfour wanted to create something share-worthy that exemplified the agency’s offerings in developing mobile and social applications. I’d say they’re well on their way to achieving that goal. For one, Tweet-a-Beer is the first app to take advantage of Chirpify, Twitter’s new social commerce platform.

tenfour’s digital strategy director, Daniel Timothy Wood (who is an occasional AdPulp contributor), told me, “tenfour is excited to be the first to build an app on the new API.” Wood added, “Chirpify has reinvented the impulse buy.”



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