Today on TV: Miller Lite Has A New Bottle, But The Spot To Promote It Is So Tired

Beer advertising has been giving advertising a bad name for too long. This new spot for Miller Lite adds to the problem.

First, let’s question the need for a TV spot that promotes a packaging change. It’s an improvement, and that’s terrific. Why not let Miller Lite fans discover the improvement at the point of sale?

Miller Lite is running another commercial to promote its new punch top can. The punch top can is an attempt to create greater flow, so in a way it’s a bow to brand utility. Although, I didn’t know the flow of liquid from the can was a matter of concern. It either comes out or it doesn’t.

As for the spot above, I dislike it. The brand provides a creative asset like Danielle Hawkins and the agency builds their script around an insult to her sexuality? Come on. Four straight guys at a bar would never in a million years notice a new Miller Lite bottle while being served said bottles by Ms. Hawkins. And that’s the laugh, except it’s not funny, it’s just dumb.



About David Burn

I wrote my first ad for a political candidate when I was 17 years old. She won her race and I felt the seductive power of advertising for the first time. Today—after working for seven agencies in five states—I am head of brand strategy and creative at Bonehook in Portland, Oregon.