The Word “Blog” Endures A Terrible Beating

The New York Times picked up the Weblogs, Inc. story today from Bloomberg News. The piece is so poorly written, I can hardly believe it appears in the Gray Lady.

The America Online unit of Time Warner agreed yesterday to buy Weblogs, the owner of 85 Web sites that serve as hosts to the popular online diaries called blogs.
The closely held Weblogs publishes about 1,000 blogs a week on topics including technology, parent issues and video games, AOL said. The company, based in Dulles, Va., did not disclose the price, but it was widely reported as $25 million.
The acquisition will help AOL attract advertisers as the company looks for new sources of revenue. Although anyone with an Internet connection can post a blog on the Web, Weblogs hires experts to write the columns on the 75 topics it covers.

1) Weblogs, Inc. blogs are websites. They’re not sites that “host” blogs.
2) Blogs are not online diaries (for the most part).
3) Weblogs, Inc. publishes 1000 posts a week, not 1000 blogs a week.
4) Anyone with an internet connection can make a comment on a blog that allows comments. Not the same thing as making an actual blog post.

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