The Russo-American Treaty of 2008

I like to see an agency benefit from hiring an outside firm to design their web presence. Newly rebranded Denver agency, Vladimir Jones (formerly known as PRACO), did exactly that. They turned to Culver City, Calif. firm Sisu, Inc. for a new site that helps breathes life into the agency’s new identity.
If you’re wondering who the heck Vladimir Jones is, here’s the answer…
“Vladimir Jones is the very real person inside everybody who struggles with the great dualities of our business,” said George Olson, Vlad’s chief creative officer. “Is it art or commerce? Do we engage the heart or head? Do we go by research or our gut? Are we about winning sales or souls? Vladimir Jones is our way of saying we choose both. He represents the fusion of discipline and soul, or precision and emotion.”
In other words, he’s mythic.
Vladimir Jones is the oldest independent agency in Colorado and one of the largest, with a staff of nearly 80 and 2007 billings at over $53.5 million.



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