The Rope And The Tug Of Advertising. Which Do You Prefer?

In any subjective business, particularly this one, personalities will bump up against each other. And struggle. And sometimes clash. Sound familiar?

I was once playing with a friend’s dog, doing what all dogs love to do: playing tug of war with a rope. And this dog did what they all seem to do: She tugged and tugged maniacally until I let go. Then she just brought the rope right back, not content with her victory.

I asked my friend why dogs do this. He summed it up perfectly: “She doesn’t want the rope. She wants the tug.”

It’s the subject of my new column on Talent Zoo, which will be on the home page tomorrow.
And thanks to Mr. Burn and his dog Lucy for inspiring this post.
Competition is natural and good
That’s Lucy on the right.



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