The Names Is Bond, Jon Bond

What is Jon Bond, formerly of Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners, up to? That’s what Ad Age, and other interested parties, would like to know.
Apparently Bond has raised $100 million from multiple sources and is investing his own money to build a communications “cooperative,” and make it the un-holding company.

He has pulled the trigger on investing in a handful of firms so far, including: Crimson Hexagon, a Cambridge, Mass., provider of real-time market research; Klout, a San Francisco influencer tracking tool; Boston-based Dataxu, a demand-side platform; and Boulder, Colo.-based Victors & Spoils, which calls itself an ad agency built on crowd-sourcing principles.
In the Victors & Spoils announcement last month, he stated: “Running a traditional agency today is like being captain of the Titanic, and Victors & Spoils the iceberg. As an investor, I stand behind new agency models designed to challenge the ‘unsinkable.'”
Although plenty in the marketplace are buzzing about Mr. Bond’s plans, he’s staying mum on the venture for now. Asked for comment, he said “I’m not announcing anything yet.”

Ad Age says the venture may be called 2Morrow, as Bond recently leased the domain name from GoDaddy.



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