The Google Is Coming. The Google Is Coming.

Google is coming to your city or a city near you, and when they arrive the Internet in said city is going to be extremely fast.

According to Washington Post, by showcasing an ultra-fast broadband network, the company highlights its push for better consumer applications and shows support for the Obama administration’s proposal to bring broadband Internet access to all U.S. homes.
“We are not getting into the [Internet service provider] or broadband business,” said Rick Whitt, telecom and media counsel at Google. “This is a business-model nudge and an innovation nudge.”
Currently, some of the fastest connections through cable, DSL and fiber access cap at about 20 to 50 megabits a second. Google said that with speeds reaching 1 gigabit a second, the company can experiment with applications that would allow a rural resident to exchange 3-D videos with a doctor in Los Angeles. Full-feature high-definition movies could be downloaded in five minutes.



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