The Good, Bad And Fugly Of The Zims

Agency Spy points us to a a very complimentary article about Zimmerman Advertising, a South Florida agency approaching $2 billion in billings.
But it’s the comments section where anonymous types of all kinds are getting their 2 cents in. There’s 9 pages of memories, rumors, defenses, innuendo, accusations, counter-accusations, and everything else in between, related to the agency, its management and how it treats its people.
All agency managers ought to take a peek at this–not to muzzle their own people, but to learn. Because if we’re pushing the idea of a “dialogue” between customers and marketers, well, ad agencies themselves (and all businesses) aren’t immune from this. There are clearly happy employees as well disgruntled employees (and ex-employees) of Zimmerman. And both are weighing in with their experiences in on a public forum. Agencies are brands too, after all.



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