Talent Zoo Likes ‘Em Wild

Rick Myers, President of Talent Zoo was kind enough to call earlier this week and ask, “How can we help you succeed?” More on that later.
Anyway, this doesn’t happen everyday in the blogosphere, nor in life. So it’s always a sweet moment to know there’s someone out there and that they don’t hate you.
Okay, it’s later. We’re going to start prominently featuring Talent Zoo ad banners on this site. And I’m preparing to write an article for Talent Zoo’s “Career Center” section. It’s going to be a continuation on Get Going In Advertising, a piece I wrote for Omaha ad industry event, “Meet The Pros,” in 2002.
I’ll be in good company on Talent Zoo, as the Atlanta recruiting firm already features one humorist in its pages. Clevelander, Danny G., has built a dedicated following with wry wit and fearless discharge of pro-reform diatribes.



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