Sync, Tweet and Save with American Express

American Express customers want great service. That’s why they’re willing to pay exorbitant fees to their favorite credit card company.

American Express, for their part, is grateful. Ergo, they want to pay the digitally adpet back with Twitter-based savings.

Personally, I had to watch the spot above a number of times and read the A.P. piece to fully grasp how one’s Tweets are turned into cash (saved).

First, customers with American Express consumer or business card accounts sync their cards with Twitter. Next they look for and then share news of promotional offers via use of a Twitter #hashtag. This social action auto-loads the offer on the member’s card. Customers redeem these rewards when making a qualifying purchase.

Sixteen retailers signed up for Tuesday’s launch including Dell, McDonald’s, Ticketmaster and Whole Foods Market. The retailers are not paying to participate.



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