Steve Jobs Day 2011 Is Your Chance To Channel Your Inner Legend

I first learned how to use a computer by renting time on an Apple II+ in 1982. (Yes, I was *really* young then). The recent rumors surrounding Steve Jobs’ health, along with Apple’s continued dominance in the marketplace and stock market, have led to an increased appreciation of what the man has created.

To celebrate all things Steve, you can take part in Steve Jobs Day 2011, which will be held on Friday, October 14.

As the website says:

We admire his work. We’ve embraced his vision. And we love what he’s brought to the world.

Let’s take a day to honor the man himself and say thank you.

You can follow the runup to the big day on Twitter and on a special Facebook event page.

So how will you celebrate it? By wearing black turtlenecks? Giving a masterful product demo? Berating programmers at 2am? Reinventing a media industry? The choice is yours.

Steve Jobs Day was created by the folks at Studiocom in Atlanta.

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