Start With The Answer: Good Advice, Easily Digested

These days, it seems everyone has advice to share, and they write a book about it. Especially advice for businesspeople, or leaders, or CEOs, etc. So on the surface, it didn’t seem like there would be anything special about Start With The Answer And Other Wisdom For Aspiring Leaders by Bob Seelert. But Seelert is the Worldwide Chairman of Saatchi and Saatchi, so I wanted to see if there was any unique advice for the AdPulp audience.
The good news here is that Seelert’s advice is easily digestible: He covers dozens of topics, devoting only 2 or 3 pages to each. And since he’s spent more of his 40-year career at businesses other than advertising agencies, he’s able to approach topics such as “What separates a great ad from a good ad” from the vantage point of the corner office–which can be very helpful when dealing with left-brained (or half-witted) clients.
Actually, it doesn’t deal with advertising much. The book covers careers, management, operations, leadership and a bit of marketing, so it feels a little all over the place. But there’s plenty of advice here for folks in any stage of their career, and Seelert’s clearly aiming for people who either are in charge or want to be in charge. And that’s usually all of us, whether we freely admit it or not.
Special thanks to FSB Associates who provided me a copy for review.



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