Smells Like Teen Profit

PR Newswire: Martina Butler may soon be the envy of her peers. This cutting-edge 15 year-old has secured corporate sponsorship of a weekly podcast where she discusses her favorite music and interviews celebrities.
In the first partnership of its kind, MobileCast Media, Inc., a planning, production and mobile media buying organization, has arranged for Nature’s Cure, a top brand of innovative acne treatments, to sponsor Emo Girl Talk, a podcast hosted by Martina Butler.
“I hope that my success paves the way for more teens to have their voices heard and that more companies will recognize us as an important consumer force,” says Martina Butler. The podcast features the life and times of a 15 year-old Emo girl. Emo music has a large teen following and is used to describe a genre of alternative rock with emotionally-charged lyrics. The podcast is downloadable at Emo Girl Talk.



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