Skype Goes Where You Go

To promote its mobile capabilities, Skype has launched a campaign called Skype Outside.

The company put the Skype app onto the mobile handsets of five artists from across the globe, and anyone with a message they want to share can call one of the artists and have their words unleashed into the great outdoors.
Messages are being sculpted into trees in Turkey, taken to the streets of Tokyo, turned into contemporary art in the USA, set free in the Australian Outback and re-imagined by street performers in Spain.
Skype on Tuesday announced a major deal with Verizon Wireless that will make its inexpensive online-calling service available to up to 90 million Verizon users, vastly expanding Skype’s presence on smartphones. Presently in the U.S. Skype on a mobile handset is only available to iPhone users connected to a WiFi signal.
The seven-year-old company, based in Luxembourg, has more than 500 million registered users, and they now generate 12 percent of all international calls.



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