Show Don’t Tell Is One Way, But Show And Tell Is Better

Barry Moltz is a consultant who “helps small busines owners get unstuck.”
SmartBlog on Social Media notes that Moltz believes the best way to promote a business and attract new customers is through providing exceptional customer service, not through traditional marketing techniques.

The reason, he explains, is fourfold:
1. The recession has made people think more about how they’re spending their money.
2. Technology — namely social media — is changing the way consumers interact with brands and companies.
3. People expect a new level of personalization in the service they receive. Moltz calls this “faux personalization” — think about the way so many online retail sites greet you with your first name each time you come back.
4. Advertising, which was king back in the day, now is unable to control the conversation about a company and its products.

Personally, I don’t see the need to bash advertising’s effectiveness while trumpeting the need for great customer service. Exceptional companies do both well–as you need to attract customers before you can serve them.
Speaking of customer service, we’ve all heard how dedicated to the art Zappos is. Here’s an insight into how fast and attentive the company really is:



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