Seth Godin Is A Man of Action

If you want to become popular enough to have your own action figure, take a clue from Seth Godin.
According to BusinessWeek, the man is “hyperkinetic.”

Given all the business writers competing for attention, how did Seth Godin reach the top tier? How, in the lingo of his new book, has he become the leader of such a large tribe? Was it through remarkable ideas. Or has he just been remarkably good at self-promotion?
Godin, 48, works in a light-filled, loft-style office in Irvington, N.Y., 20 miles north of Manhattan. Wall-to-wall windows facing the Hudson River offer a calming view. But Godin himself is hyperkinetic—his mind spins through 70 RSS feeds and 300 e-mail replies a day. He posts once or twice daily to his blog and reads five books a week. In 2001 he wrote Unleashing the Ideavirus in five days. “I clearly have ADHD,” he says. “Lucky for me the world kind of organized around me rather than the other way around. It’s such an asset.”



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